Chimeric Spaces is a virtual reality exhibition of digital work by Dan Tapper, curated by Catriona Reid. 
The exhibition is presented by Art Gate VR and VAAH Artspaces.

Dan Tapper

is an artist and creative technologist interested in the intersection between information and experience. His current projects include building sonic VR environments and using machine learning to create new forms of divination.

Catriona Reid

is a Victoria-born, Toronto-based art historian, digital marketer, editor, and nascent curator. She holds a BA in art history from McGill University, and has worked with numerous commercial and not-for-profit galleries in Victoria, Toronto, and Montreal. Catriona has written for Canvas Journal, curated exhibitions for The Fridge Door Gallery, and worked in marketing and graphic design for Sandra Ainsley Gallery, Gallery 1313, and The Robert Bateman Foundation.

Catriona’s most recent endeavour is co-founding Sweetpea Gallery: a digital/irl gallery for early-career artists.